Download & Install jailbreak 6.0 for free

The news that iOS 6 is now available for the use of developers is nothing new for connoisseurs. Those of you who are aware of the latest changes in the iPhone field are already familiar with the new version of iOS. It is still a bet version but this does not stop developers of trying it up. If you want to upgrade your current iOS to iOS 6 beta 4(which is the latest version by the way), you need to be the owner of one of the following A4 devices: iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4G. For now, these three devices are the only ones who support this version of iOS. I have the confidence that soon, developers will find a way in which they will offer support for the rest of the iDevices.

Due to the expediency of our developers, jailbreak 6 is also possible. A jailbreak tool appeared a short while after the first beta version of iOS was released. Fortunately, now it was updated and it offers full support for the latest version, namely iOS 6 beta 4. If you already upgraded your device and you want to start jailbreak 6, you should download RedSn0w tool. This tool is free for downloading, as the Dev Team accustomed us. Once you download the software, things should not be that complicated especially if you are already familiar with these things. If you follow a simple guide and you will stick to all steps indicated in the process, you will be just fine. However, if you had performed jailbreak by using RedSn0w software in the past, you will see that things are not that complicated.

The only difference is the fact that you will be performing only a tethered jailbreak. Untethered jailbreak 6 is still unavailable for download. You will have to stick with a tethered one and with the fact that Cydia is currently unavailable for download. It is a matter of time before developers will find a way to place Cydia on our home screens when jailbreak is completed. However, until then, the fixed iOS 6 will be released for the public use and everybody will upgrade. Until then, upgrade to iOS 6 beta 4 and start exploring its new features and options.

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